I am Yesudas Roy hailing from Thrissur district in Kerala, India. I was born in 16th December 2004. Iím Very special to GodÖ!Do you know how? I was born with a swelling in the lumbosacral region with mild leaking. Doctors said that Iím unfortunate to be the 1 out of 10,000 babies to be born with NEURAL TUBE DEFECT (NTD).NTD means failure of neural tube to close which occurs at 3rd to 4th week of intra uterine life.For me NTD Occurred at lumbo-sacral region, i mean, my vertebral bone at lumbo-sacral region formed with a defect posteriorly through which his spinal cord together with its covering (meninges), herniated to form MENINGOMYELOCOEL.

You will be aware of the fact that every cell in our body is controlled by brain through its connections to them known as neurons. From brain neurons to body forms spinal cord and any injury / disturbance to their integrity leads to dysfunction of concerned cell. My meningomyelocoel disintegrated the neurons to all cells below the level of umbilicus. Now i cannot move/ walk on my lower limb (PARAPLEGIA), nor can i control urine or stool (NEUROGENIC BOWEL & BLADDER).

God was very busy when he made my brain too. He forgot to make a proper drainage system to my brain. Consequently water (Cerebro-spinal fluid) accumulated in my little head to make it too big(HYDROCEPHALUS) that made cute face to be DYSMORPHIC. My eyes are like setting sun(SUN SETTING Sign). You can place one more eye between my two eyes(HYPRTTELORISM); normally they are not that wide. Water in his head crushed brain tissue leading to PRESSURE ATROPHY and a malformation called ARNOLD CHIARI II. Subsiqueuntly my mental age didnít advance to my chronological age of 7, making a MENTALLY CHALLENGED(Mentaly Retierd).

With the birth of a baby when every parents and family members share the joy, my birth made, my family especially parents in a doom. Did they curse him? Or did they curse their own life..?

I Donít Know

With a hope of rescue they took me to Christian Medical College, Vellore; a reputed hospital for my treatment. Even with years of treatment and multiple surgeries, medical fraternity could only do palliative care. They couldnít correct the GODís naughtiness.


Now I am on regular physiotherapy and speech therapy.

I canít understand my weakness and disabilities. But i get frustrated when other children hesitate to talk to me. They might scared because of my dimorphic figure Öis his life cursed?

At least give me a normal sibling ..so that i can see a smile on my parents faceÖothers donít say that my parents have a cursed lifeÖi can play with themÖi will have a support

Please GODÖ..Have Mercy on me .

Thank You..

With a heart full of love,

Yesudas Roy.

This is a request from Yesudas Royís Parents

Iím working as a private employee and my wife is house wife. You can understand the expenses of treatment of these days. Now my son has undergo daily physiotherapy and speech therapy. So we are looking foreword for the generous donation from able, kind hearted people. Even if you canít help us financially, please remember us in prayers.

Thanking you,

Yours truly.


Parekkadann House

Nadavarambu, Vellangalloor PO,

Thrissur, Kerala, India-680662